Osmosis is more than a health education platform. It's a movement that aims to empower the world's clinicians and caregivers with the best learning experience possible. We are grateful to have an engaged audience of hundreds of thousands of current & future health professionals as well as patients and their family members. 

We invite current Osmosis Prime members to apply to be an Osmosis Medical Education Fellow (OMEF). This is a competitive application and we will only be accepting 1-2 students per school (see eligibility criteria below). The application form is available here: https://goo.gl/forms/2mfNgz7JN35dX2XU2. The deadline to apply is March 22, 2019 at 11:59 pm ET.  Priority will be given to applicants who apply early. Also please note that the second step in the application involves submitting a video review by March 22, 2019 so allow time for that.

Please note, there may be secondary application steps.


  • First or second year medical student (MD/DO/MBBS). While we plan on expanding the OMEF program, we are currently starting small with the number of Fellows. Third year students with availability may be considered. 
  • Current Osmosis Prime Member. You must be a current Osmosis Prime member who has a demonstrated appreciation for our content, platform, and its capabilities.  
  • Belief in the Osmosis Vision & Mission. We have embedded our 3.5 minute vision, mission, and values video below. We are seeking Fellows who are aligned with what we aim to accomplish. 


  • Be heard - You will be the main representative at your school providing feedback to Osmosis as we work to transform medical & health education.
  • Help your classmates - Osmosis provides ample free resources that you'll be able to share with your classmates, helping them succeed as well. 
  • Get paid to learn - Fellows will receive a stipend of $100/month increments. 
  • Build your resume - This is a leadership & education opportunity with ample potential to interview leaders in medical education, publish research, and receive a letter of recommendation from the Osmosis team (see testimonials below).
  • Receive Osmosis textbooks & swag - Osmosis will send you complimentary copies of the textbooks (books.osmosis.org) and swag (shop.osmosis.org) such as mugs, shirts, and stickers.
  • Broaden your network - Make connections with thought leaders in Medical Education and fellow medical students. As your school's representative, you will be able to meet students (your fellow colleagues) at different programs, as well as meet with Osmosis leadership and other leaders in Medical Education. 
  • Publish and present research - OMEF members will have the opportunity to publish & present research with the Osmosis Research team, which to-date has published 10 peer-reviewed papers 
  • Exclusive access - Get early and exclusive access to new Osmosis content and features.


  • Meet once per month - We will host a one-hour meeting each month to share exclusive updates on the Osmosis product, content, and research efforts. There will be pre-reading and surveys that will streamline these meetings. 
  • Sync your school calendar  - In order for Osmosis to recommend the right content at the right time, we need to ensure that your calendar is up-to-date so it'll be your responsibility to make sure that this is the case for your school.
  • Peer-to-peer resource - Serve as an on-campus resource for classmates who have questions about how to best use Osmosis, ranging from occasional 1:1 meetings to class-wide presentations. 
  • Provide feedback to Osmosis - We'd love to hear what is working and what can be improved so we can fulfill our mission of providing the best learning experience possible to clinicians & caregivers. 
  • Disseminate Osmosis books and swag - When we run school deals or visit schools we like to come with gifts! You will be the point person to whom we send these so will 
  • Share free Osmosis resources with your classmates - Osmosis Basic provides plenty of high-yield and free resources, including hundreds of videos, the ability to create your own content, and e-books. You will periodically share these resources to help your classmates succeed. 
  • Contribute to our blog and research projects - Get published by contributing your written work or research assistance.

We look forward to receiving your application. For any questions please email [email protected] 


Testimonials from other Fellows

Working with the Osmosis team on webinars, flashcards, and papers has been a great experience for myself thus far as I begin to forge my own path in medicine. Most importantly, they've helped me realise the extent of my passion for medical education, and have helped me reach clarity on my personal goals, values, and how I can bring them to fruition.

- Amreet Sidhu, MD, aka Brosencephalon

The Osmosis team is simply amazing! While at Oxford, I had the distinct pleasure of working closely with Ryan and Shiv [the co-founders of Osmosis] during a research project based on data from the Osmosis platform. Their support and encouragement was fundamental in
getting my research published. This commitment to data-driven science as a way to truly improve medical education makes the Osmosis inner circle a refreshing and exciting team to work with! 

- Ashwin Menon, Rhodes Scholar and First Author on paper in Medical Teacher

I started medical school with a simple goal, do well in classes so I can kill the STEP and become an MD. When I first met Shiv and learned about Osmosis, I not only found the way to achieve my goal of a high STEP score, but also opened my eyes to possibilities I had never considered. With the help of Team Osmosis, Emeka and I
secured a presentation at Stanford Medical School’s MedX conference where we met with attendings, residents, medical school deans, and many other leaders in the realm of medical education. Being part of the Osmosis inner circle means staying up to date with research and presentation opportunities, early access to Beta releases to the platforms and networking with medical students throughout the world who want to make a meaningful change in medical education.

- Aaron Brown, MD Candidate

Osmosis is adaptive learning at its finest that accommodates to different learning styles. It's completely changing the way medical content is consumed and inspiring students like myself and Aaron to create technology for students by students that can meet learners where they are, by being flexible and portable.
Thanks to the inspiration of Osmosis we applied to and got accepted to attend the Stanford MedX conference and continue to work to build tools for medical students. 

- Emeka Ajufo, MD Candidate

I feel very fortunate to have been a member of the Osmosis team.
Being a part of the Osmosis inner circle allowed me to interview my favorite leaders in medical education, which were then posted on the Osmosis website. I remain very close to these leaders, and to the Osmosis team - this unique opportunity to contribute to medical education has made the journey much more fun!

- Simon Downes, PhD and MD Candidate


Osmosis Vision, Mission, and Values

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