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How to use and manage the flashcards in Workspaces and Custom Decks?

Learn how to add, filter, edit, search, browse, and consume individual flashcards.

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1.1 Flashcard deck in a Workspace: 

Select Quiz Builder > Flashcard Decks to:

Start a quiz, Filter by calendar/source, Browse/create cards, Save to queue, Move (only for Independent decks, not available for 'Documents' decks) , Rename, or Delete.

1.2 Tagging Flashcards 

You can also tag individual flashcards in any deck so that you can create smaller sub-decks that all have a common tag. This is great for splitting up large flashcard decks, and for filtering flashcards that have common topics. 

Note: tags can only be used within one folder quiz or one course deck

2.1 Filter by Calendar/Source/Authors in a workspace

Select the source, authors (learn how to , here.), and type of flashcard or questions.

Click and drag to select multiple days on the calendar. 

3.1 Browse individual cards:

When you browse the deck you have more options to filter cards created by your classmates. 


You can also make these cards public or private by clicking on the green or red icon next to a flashcard.


You can edit or delete cards from your workspace here. 

4.1 Additional ways to consume cards found in your workspace: 

You can  review flashcards and questions by clicking the "Quiz" button next to a lecture document. 

You can see the cards next to your lecture slide. Save this to your queue, and review later. 

5.1 Review card from your queue

Saved cards to your queue can be accessed here in the upper right-hand corner. 

If you have questions, please feel free to contact [email protected].

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