Annotate (iOS only) 

Right now we only support the iOS Annotate tab. Here you can Highlight and Markup documents. This is meant for quick reference, as we are fully supporting the advanced features on the website (where you can make flashcards and type notes next to slides).  
• You cannot zoom on a document slide
• You cannot see typed notes
• You cannot create flashcards on the mobile app
• You cannot edit flashcards on the mobile app

Refresh App

If something seems off, like something’s not updated, just refresh the app by going to “More” in the bottom tab > Refresh app. 

Osmose with Friends

A legacy game

Osmose with your Friends. Now you can go head-to-head with up to five other friends and see who really knows their stuff. It's worth noting this is a legacy game and to please be aware that the game has issues on some devices. 

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