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How do I find the Flashcards and Questions that I've saved or consumed?
How do I find the Flashcards and Questions that I've saved or consumed?

Learn how to see, search, and remove Flashcards and Questions from your Queues and Spaced Repetition

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To see everything you've saved or consumed to your Flashcard and Question Queues select 'See All' in the Saved Flashcard Icon:

You'll get to this page, where you can see your Saved Flashcards and Saved Questions.

'by Time' groups cards by when they were saved or consumed, and whether they are flagged as a priority within your Spaced Rep Queue.

  • Up to 30 Items are listed on a page

  • You can select a specific page of items or 'Show All'

  • You can select your Flashcard Queue or your Question Queue

  • You can remove any saved Item

'by Item' lists the date a card was consumed, when it will appear in your Daily Spaced Rep Quiz, and the content.

  • Items listed here that you've consumed one or more times have been added to Spaced Repetition, and will reappear in your Daily Spaced Repetition Quiz according to the Osmosis Algorithm and/or your custom repeat settings

  • To remove Flashcards from your Queue and Spaced Rep, if applicable, select the 'stop' icon next to each. Note: If you want to test how this works manually go to See All and start one of the groups under "by Time" listed there. Then hit "do not repeat" for an item and go back and refresh the page. The total number of questions for that deck should decrease.

  • To remove Questions from your Queue, select the 'stop' icon next to each question. 


If you have questions or if you encounter any issues, please feel free to contact [email protected].

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