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Workspaces Overview

Introduction and overview: Upload documents, Analyze text, Create flashcards, Crowdsource

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Organize and Analyze your course documents. Here's how you can get started:

All you have to do is upload a document, and we bring all of the important information to you. 

1. Upload documents

  • Upload course documents to your class group dashboard.

  •  Osmosis supports word docs, powerpoints, and pdfs. 

  • Any member of the group with the right privileges can do this, but it’s easier to coordinate if only a few group members are in charge. 

2. Create a new folder.  

Folders are time-specific and work with your Daily Repetition Quiz. They're designed to match the course modules, blocks, sequence, etc. that your school uses to organize their curriculum and class calendar, and so they also require information from you:

  • Course Name

  • Start Date & Exam Date

  • Topics

3. Analyze text

4. Sync with mobile app 

Download the mobile app (iPhone or Android) and Sync it to your class group to take Osmosis quizzes on-the-go. (This is a great way to keep up with spaced-repetition.)

5. Invite classmates to the group

If you have questions, please feel free to contact [email protected].

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