Before watching this video, you'll need to have already joined a workspace. Here's the article on Workspaces in Osmosis.

1. Upload a document 

Select day, then time, and drop your file into the slot. You will be prompted to select/create a folder (Folders are based on exam dates, click here for more info on basics of folders, and here for managing folders.).

(optional) Quick Review or Analyze text 

Without opening your document, you can see the key information your lecture will cover.

2. Review flashcards

Our number one recommendation for you to make the most of your time studying is to save flashcards to your queue, then quiz on the flashcards, then review based on your needs. 

i. Saving to the queue.

These cards are from Osmosis, classmates, or yourself and are viewed right next to a document.

ii. Start a flashcard quiz from your queue

The flashcard quiz will keep your answer history.

iii. Review from a variety of places, based on what you got wrong 

Including: Osmosis library, Course decks (filter by source/calendar), Browsing a deck for filtered terms, or Daily Spaced Repetition (based on Osmosis algorithm). More on managing course decks, here.  


Link to your school's calendar to create pre-made slots for your documents.
Understand your role, to better manage your files and folders.

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