We've updated our Flashcard dashboard to help you visualize what’s going on in your spaced repetition queue. 

  • For each flashcard, this dashboard lists when you first consumed a flashcard (and therefore added it to your spaced repetition queue) AND when it's scheduled to return to your Daily Quiz via Spaced Repetition.

  • The 'sample card' below was consumed and added to Spaced Repetition on Jan 31 and is scheduled to return to my Daily Quiz on Feb 3. 

  • Total is the number of cards in that deck

  • Scheduled means they are actively in spaced rep (have been saved to the  spaced rep queue)

  • Excluded means they were saved to spaced rep at one point but were marked “Do not repeat”

  • This Week means they are scheduled to be answered this week, 

  • Overdue means they were scheduled in the past but the due date has passed

  • If a deck is not listed here, it has been archived which means the exam date has passed or the custom deck was archived. 

  • To re-add a deck to Spaced Rep: If the deck is in a Workspace it needs to be moved to long term repetition. If the deck is in Custom Decks it need to be consumed in a Quiz. 

If you have questions, please feel free to contact [email protected].

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