Osmosis may not automatically schedule dates during a "part time" (prededicated) pass before your "full time" (dedicated) pass because you may only have a few months before that date and that's not enough time for full pass over first aid on a part-time schedule. What you can do though is schedule a partial pass over first aid. Click "edit" by Study Timeline. You'll see this screen:

Click where it says click "here" and you'll be able to schedule subjects to cover We recommend scheduling a few subjects that you feel like you'll need more work on. You can keep selecting and clicking "Add Subject" to add as many subjects as you'd like:

We'd recommend scheduling only 3-4 subjects if you're still in classes (and definitely no more than 8 because that would be 1 subject per week). Once you enter your dedicated period you can either (1) rearrange your study timeline so that what you've already studied comes at the end, or (2)delete subjects from your timeline if you feel like you're comfortable with them.

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