Flashcard Creation and Organization

Learn how to create and organize all the cards made by you and classmates.

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"School Flashcards" are flashcards made by you and classmates. These can be created within Workspaces or can be created outside of Workspaces via Custom Decks.

"Osmosis Flashcards" were made by our content team and are organized by Organ System and Concept within our libraries. 

Once you've created a flashcard, saved it, or consumed it in a quiz, it gets organized within the Flashcard Queue. Once it's consumed, it goes into Spaced Repetition. 


Flashcards created within Workspaces can be created as attachments within Workspace Documents or as stand-alone, named decks within Workspace Folders. Stand-alone decks can be created from within the Workspace Quiz Builder:

Independent Custom Decks

Flashcards can also be created for individual use within the Quiz Builder.

Every calendar day, flashcards are placed into your Flashcard Queue. They include:

  • Any flashcard that you created.

  • School and Osmosis Flashcards that you saved. 

  • School and Osmosis Flashcards that you consumed in a quiz. 

Once you've consumed a flashcard in a Quiz, it goes into Spaced Repetition and will be repeated via your Daily Repetition Quiz:

Osmosis was originally designed to organize flashcards using Workspaces, Decks, and Spaced Repetition to make it easy for you to quiz yourself, while saving you the time and effort it can sometime take to organize flashcards. While there are are some other ways that you can further organize flashcards, you may not be able to organize and manage flashcards in all the ways that you would like. We are sorry for any confusion or inconvenience this causes. We are working on adding additional organizational options. In the meantime, here are some of the additional ways you can organize Flashcards on Osmosis.  

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