Partner Institutions have full access to all the resources and tools included in an Osmosis Prime membership. Many of these, like the Library and the Study Schedule, allow students to study independently by using Osmosis resources and other resources that we recommend.  Playlists let faculty and students curate Osmosis content. 

Workspaces are a different and uniquely powerful tool.  Workspaces combine your curriculum with Osmosis tools and resources by integrating your lecture slides with Osmosis tools and board-relevant videos, practice questions, and learning aids.

Lecture slides can be uploaded to a Workspace, and integrated with multiple tools and resources including:

  • Recommended videos, practice questions, and learning aids, which are provided for high-yield concepts and are listed on the left and in the footer of each slide. Osmosis flashcards are recommend to the right. 
  • Note-taking and question-authoring tools are featured on the right.
  • Highlighters and navigation shortcuts are listed in the top navigation bar.


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