Account creation

If you’re an Osmosis institutional partner, we’ll provide Osmosis Prime memberships for everyone covered under your contract. We create the accounts from user lists that you send to us; your students, faculty, and administrators can then activate their accounts by choosing a password on the Osmosis School Portal: or by using your school SSO portal if this has been enabled. (You can learn more about SSO here.)

To get started, for each cohort of students, faculty, and administrators, use this google sheet template to send us completed rosters. 

Once we've created the accounts in our database, you can direct your users to the School Portal or we can do so by sending individualized emails from [email protected]  The first email that we can send looks like this:

Once a student activates their account, subsequent emails are sent  to remind them to explore our library. Here are a couple samples, which you're welcome to re-use:


Dear Students,

Have you checked out the High-Yield Notes on Osmosis Prime? Covering the essentials of pathology and physiology, they’re the best way to learn everything you need to know for your tests and exams—and nothing you don’t. 

Activate your school membership to get started.



Every week, brand new videos are added to Osmosis Prime—ones you won't find anywhere else. Activate your school membership to Osmosis Prime to access this exclusive content. 

With Osmosis Prime, you can watch every new Osmosis video as soon as it’s released.

If students and faculty have any issues accessing their account, they can contact our support team directly at [email protected] or use the chat feature in the bottom right of every Osmosis web page. 

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