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Select and Support your Student Admin
Select and Support your Student Admin

Support your students by empowering a student admin and by sharing resources from the Help Center.

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Select and Support your Student Admin

  • Identify one or more interested students at your school who can serve as an Osmosis Student Admin:

  • Student Admin responsibilities:

  • Lead a 30-minute onboarding training session for other students 

  • Provide ongoing support for other students as they use Osmosis

  • Act as the main point of contact between the student community and the Institutional Partner to share feedback on effectiveness 

  • Set a regular meeting and/or email check-ins between peer-educator(s) and your Osmosis point-of-contact.  

  • Plan a presentation for students for the beginning of the school year, lead by peer-educator(s). If possible, record the presentation so that it can be shared afterward.

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