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Osmosis is more than a health education platform. It's a movement that aims to empower the world's clinicians and caregivers with the best learning experience possible. We are grateful to have an engaged audience of hundreds of thousands of current & future health professionals as well as patients and their family members.

We appreciate your help in spreading the word of Osmosis. Indeed, that's one reason we called it "Osmosis" - to promote the diffusion of knowledge. To this end, please follow the guidelines below to submit a public video review of Osmosis.


To LOOK Good:

  1. Find a quiet room. Try to notice if the HVAC is louder than normal. Perfectly quiet isn't always possible so don't sweat a little background noise, but don't record in a coffee shop!

  2. Find a comfortable chair that doesn't rock or swivel. Or you can stand, but remember not to sway or shift your weight - try to plant yourself so you don’t move around in the frame. 

  3. Place your webcam between you and a light source. This could be a lamp or a window. Try to minimize light from other sources especially from behind your or to your sides.

  4. Get the webcam lens just above eye level. This could mean putting a laptop on a stack of books or a box.

  5. Find and sit in front of a relatively plain background. Avoid distractions like pictures of people or large writing in the frame with you. 

  6. Try to make "eye contact" with the camera - avoid looking at yourself. If you're having trouble doing this, draw a pair of eyes on a sticky note and put it right next to the camera. Boom! Instant eye contact.

  7. Frame yourself from the middle of your shot. Think of how they frame up news anchors in single shots:


To SOUND Good:

  1. Introduce yourself. Begin by saying who you are and what & where you're studying. For example, "Hi! I'm Gregory House and I'm a medical student at University of Michigan."

  2. Answer the question, "Why do you learn by Osmosis." There are so many features and content types on Osmosis, from the study schedule to the video library to the question bank. Speak honestly about why you like using Osmosis. 

  3. Address the audience directly. Don’t forget to give Osmosis shout outs in your testimony! Meaning instead of saying “You guys are great” or “Your flashcards rock” use “Osmosis is great” or “Osmosis’s flashcards rock”!

  4. Keep the recording to less than 2-minutes. The best videos are short and clear, so try keeping the review as concise as possible while conveying what you like about Osmosis.

  5. Speak naturally and clearly. Don't try to memorize lines or read from a script because those will often come out unnaturally. Don’t be afraid to use bullet point notes and keep going if you stumble! 

Once you're done recording, go to this form and upload your video:


Please see below for an example video from a student, Lamia, at Damascus University.

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