Medical knowledge is high-stakes! That’s why we make sure that our videos are always in line with the latest medical guidelines. 

Here’s how we keep our content up to date, accurate, and approachable, so you can focus more on learning by Osmosis:

  • We have a dedicated team of physicians, nurses, pharmacists, epidemiologists, and researchers that work tirelessly to review the literature as well as gather feedback from our learners.
  • We also regularly add in new clinical images, memory devices, and clarify explanations so that our content isn’t just accurate, but also optimized for learning!  
  • We release an update to one of our videos nearly every single day. So students can rest assured that they are learning the most accurate medical information. 
  • Now, whenever we update a video, we also want to make sure that there’s excellent alignment between that video and the other content we offer—like notes, questions, and flashcards. That’s because a small improvement in a video may require small changes across all of the content. 

So when all is said and done, we are left with a really great content library that is accurate as well as approachable! 

You can learn more about our team of medical content experts here

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