What are the High Yield Notes?

Osmosis Notes are comprehensive, yet concise. They're short, easily digestible, and visually engaging, with over 1,000 medical images, tables, mnemonics, and Osmosis illustrations to help summarize and simplify even the most complicated concepts.

Osmosis High Yield Notes are easy-to-read yet detailed summaries that will help prepare you for the hundreds of pathology topics you'll encounter on the boards.

Each Note is separated clearly into pathology, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment, making them applicable to Step 1, Step 2 (pre-clinical and clinical, respectively), and COMLEX. 

The addition of Osmosis High-Yield Pathology Notes is a huge development for Osmosis learners, and we're truly excited for you to experience them.

How to Find the High Yield Notes

If a topic has a High Yield Note available, you'll find them on the learn page or under the video that they're associated with.

As of October 2021, Prime users can now print High Yield Notes for your personal use! Read more here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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