Put your game face on and participate in some friendly rivalry in the Osmosis Back to School Challenge! 

Opt in, log in, and watch your favorite Osmosis videos to win. Throughout the month of August, we’ll be keeping track of how much time is spent watching Osmosis videos. With your participation, you can contribute to your school’s ranking in our leaderboard. 

The competition runs from August 5 - August 31, 2019. Participants of the winning school will be notified no later than September 9, 2019. All prizes must be redeemed by December 31, 2019. The exclusive Q&A will either be live on school campus or online depending on availability of participants and Osmosis team members.

Knock out the competition and your classes at the same time! You’ll be sure to start the year off strong. Opt in and check the leaderboard here

What are the prizes?

The top 3 schools on the leaderboard will receive prizes. The grand prize for the number 1 ranked school will receive: all 3 volumes of Osmosis Notes, a sponsored lunch, 3 months of Osmosis Prime, and Osmosis shirts for each participating student. 

The second place school will receive 3 months of Osmosis Prime and Osmosis branded tote bags. 

The third place school will receive 3 months of Osmosis Prime. 

How do I verify my school email?

Type in your school email where indicated at the top of the Back to School Competition landing page. Once submitted, you’ll receive a confirmation email. Click the verify button in the confirmation email. Then, just keep using Osmosis to log video time for your school. 

How is the competition made fair with different sized schools?

Our data experts worked hard to ensure that all participants stand a fair chance at ranking high on the leaderboard despite class size. The leaderboard value is  a cumulative metric that is calculated by taking the number of students who have opted in and the total amount of video they have viewed together to get a single number.

How do I boost my school’s score? 

The best way to boost your school’s score is to recruit your classmates to participate. Get them to log in or create an account. Don’t forget to use a referral link if they have never used Osmosis before. By using your referral link, your friend gets 2 additional weeks to try out Osmosis, and you get 2 additional weeks of access. Give 2, Get 2. Get it? 

Ultimately, you need to watch more videos. Login everyday, watch a video related to your class lecture or rotation, review a topic from the week before, review for an upcoming test, or even get started on upcoming lecture or rotation. Binge on Osmosis videos and see your school’s rank in the leaderboard soar. 

What if there’s a tie? 

If there’s a tie, we’ll use login streaks to determine the winners. 

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