SSO allows users at your school to log into Osmosis using their account on your school portal. You can learn more about how SSO works here.

If you're interested, please connect us with the relevant IT group at your school and share this article: 

Here are instructions for implementing SSO with Osmosis. 

  • Partner School shares their FederationMetadata.xml file (see template)  with Osmosis.
  • Osmosis shares their FederationMetadata.xml file with the school. 
  • School provides test account login:  
  • School provides test account password:  
  • School provides test account email. (So that Osmosis can create a test account in the Osmosis DB)
  • Was Osmosis able to successfully log into the test account using the School portal? (yes/no)
  • Has the School approved eligible users in school's active directory? (yes/no)  
  • Osmosis implements SSO on the production site and redirects, from, eligible School users to the school portal for authentication. 
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