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Analyzing text in your workspace
Analyzing text in your workspace

How does the analyze text function work?

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The analyze text function works by checking your documents for content that exists in our library. You can then use this to create a quiz, create a playlist, or view available high yield notes.

How to analyze text

Once you've uploaded a document into your workspace, click on the Analyze Text button here:

Osmosis will then check the document for any keywords or terms that exist within our library. Once the analysis is complete, you'll see the Lecture Analysis page with recommendations:

You can then choose to view all videos in the analyzed document, take a quiz, or create a playlist based on the video suggestions:

Read more on playlists here.

In the event that the document doesn't contain any medical concepts, or if the abbreviations/content don't exist in our library, you'll see a message that there is no content to analyze.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact [email protected].

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