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Osmosis LTI integration for your LMS

Learn how to integrate your LMS with Osmosis

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Osmosis LTI integration works with Canvas, Brightspace, and Blackboard Learning Management Systems (LMS). You can search our library of thousands of videos, embed, and watch the visual medical education content in your LMS courses and modules. An Osmosis subscription is required. No additional login required.

How does this integration work?

Explore Osmosis videos. An Osmosis dialog will pop up and let you search and embed content into your course material. Your students can watch videos from within the LMS.

A Note on LMS Integration Functionality

Please note that the LMS integration functions solely as a video player and does not include any of the Learn Page content such as Notes, Transcripts, Assessments, etc. If you wish to track student engagement with content, we recommend sharing the Learn Page via embed URL. This method does not require configuring the LMS integration and allows students to watch Osmosis videos and engage with all of the Learn Page content, while providing usage metrics to educators.

Installation instructions

To integrate your LMS with Osmosis, an LMS administrator needs to “add a 'virtual tool' to the LMS, entering the URL, secret and key. Once this is done, Instructors simply see the newly configured LTI tool as another tool or activity to be placed as a resource link in their course structure. The instructors and students may not even be aware that the tool they are using is running outside of the LMS. They simply select and use the tool like any other tool that is built-into the LMS." (Reference here).

  • To configure Osmosis, we'll provide your administrator with a key and a secret. (reach out to your osmosis account manager if this haven't been provided already).

  • Next, the school administrator will configure the integration within your Canvas, Brightspace or Blackboard using the following guidelines:

What is Osmosis?

Supplement your lectures with Osmosis content by preparing them with the foundations in medicine and healthcare education, taught in a visual way. Osmosis is geared towards medical and healthcare professional students.


Osmosis strives to create accessible content from the product to content delivery.

Security Information

This application follows the LTI v1.1 specification and is fully compatible with the v1.2 specification, which includes OAuth 1.0 for authentication.

Please visit to find security information for Osmosis products.

Frequently Asked Questions

If my school gets set up with SSO, and we link an Osmosis Video URL from within our LMS, would that bypass students from having to sign in to watch the video?

  • Videos that are available under a paid subscription require login, unless the embed was authorized through an LTI key.

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