Starting your free trial of Osmosis Prime begins with creating your free Osmosis account.

Step 1)

Create your free Osmosis Account

Sign up using your Google account, Facebook account, or by entering your name and choosing a password

  • Facebook or Google are quicker and will re-use your passwords from those sites.

Step 2)

After Sign Up, verify your email by entering the verification code sent to the email address you used in Step 1

Step 3) Choose how you will be using Osmosis 

  • After you click Next there will be a few additional profile questions
  • This helps us to provide you with the most relevant content and information specific to your needs¬†

Step 4) Begin your free trial of Osmosis Prime!

  • Find more info about what is included with Osmosis Prime by clicking here. ¬†
    Reach out to our Success Team if you need any help or have any questions!
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