What is Osmosis?

The nuts and bolts of what Osmosis is, and what it does

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What is Osmosis?

Osmosis is a web- and mobile-application that makes medical education more efficient by 

  • consolidating the best available educational content like videos, practice questions, and articles into a single learning environment

  • providing tools for students to write, share, and curate their own practice questions and content; and by

  • using advanced learning science to deliver this content so that students can absorb, retain, and employ it as easily as possible. 

By integrating different kinds of content, like videos, USMLE-style practice questions, memory anchors and reference articles, Osmosis makes content stickier and helps students prepare simultaneously for Class Exams, Board Exams, and Clinical Practice. It also helps them crowdsource their own content and materials, for more engaged, active, and collaborative learning. 

Osmosis delivers high-quality content from medical experts as well as through partnerships with world-class leaders in medical education. Osmosis delivers relevant content alongside course documents; generates customizable quizzes; and suggests daily flashcards and questions based on a student’s curriculum, schedule, and quiz-performance history.

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