Folders are like directories. They help organize and store your documents (and all the attached notes, flashcards, questions, media, etc.). You need at least one folder in order to load course documents. 

Folders are time-specific and work with your Daily Repetition Quiz. They're designed to match the courses, blocks or sequences that your school uses to organize their curriculum and class calendar, o they also require information from you, including:

  • Course Name

  • Start Date & Exam Date

  • Topics

To create a folder, navigate to the Course Folders tab in your Workspace and select “New Course Folder.”

In the days leading up to your exam date, your Daily Repetition Quiz will include more flashcards about the topic(s) covered in your exam. 

If you're not in class currently but want to upload documents:

  • Create a general purpose folder

  • Include all the topics you want to study

  • For start date, choose the day when you created your workspace

  • For exam date, choose a day when you want to stop studying the topics you chose. 

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