Osmosis Curriculum Analysis

Osmosis has a number of unique features that help faculty, administrators, and students analyze and understand their curriculum. These are powered by the Osmosis document processing steps, which include full-text extraction of uploaded PDF, PPT, and DOC files and natural language processing to identify key medical concepts. Note that as of now only text that can be copy/pasted (so not image-based text) is extracted, though for the latter we intend to add OCR capabilities. 

Document Analysis

Click “Analyze Text” for any uploaded document.

Linking User-Created Flashcards & Questions to Course Material

One of the most popular features on Osmosis that differentiate it from other sites that allow students and faculty to create questions & flashcards is the ability to link directly back to the relevant curricular material. 

For example, under the Quiz Builder > Course Calendar, you can build a quiz of all questions shared by members of your workspace over a specific time period:

When you build the quiz and begin answering flashcards or questions you see the specific slide or page hyperlinked on the right so you can easily navigate back to the curricular material, keeping it at the top-of-mind. 

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