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Daily Practice Quiz FAQs
Daily Practice Quiz FAQs

Exploring the new Daily Practice Quiz feature? Check out these frequently asked questions.

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Daily Practice Quiz Feature Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are quiz questions selected for me?

    • Osmosis pulls questions that you haven’t answered before and questions that you did not answer correctly from videos you watched over the past month. Questions from related topics are also included.

  • How are experience points (XP) awarded?

    • XP are currently awarded as follows:

      • 3XP for answering a question correctly

      • 1XP for taking a minute to read through the explanation content after each question

    • Your XPs for a quiz are added to your totals when you’ve completed each quiz.

  • How do streaks work?

    • Your streak is continued every day that you complete a quiz (even if you didn’t get any XP. If you skip a quiz day, your streak restarts.

  • What are XP and streaks good for? Can I trade them in for a Harrier Jet?

    • For the moment, both are just there for fun and personal challenge. That said, we are thinking up some ways to reward diligent and determined quiz takers. If you have a cool idea or feedback to share, send it our way!

  • I just watched a video, but still don’t see any questions. What’s up?

    • You must watch to the end of a video to have its questions added to the quiz. Also not all videos on Osmosis have associated questions. Check the "Assessments" box (to the lower right of the video player) to see if there are any questions available.

  • Can I turn the leaderboard off (and exclude myself from the leaderboard list)?

    • Yes. If the leaderboard is a distraction, or you don’t want your name to be included on the list, click on the cog icon above the quiz and toggle the ‘Leaderboard visible” switch.

  • Can I customize how many questions are included in my quiz?

    • Indeed you can. Click on the cog icon above and to the right of the quiz and select between 1 and 5 questions to be asked daily.

  • What time does the new week reset?

    • The quiz resets at midnight in your local timezone.

  • Can I take practice quizzes from my mobile device?

    • You can visit the website from your mobile web browser to take the quiz, but the quiz is not available in the native Android or iOS apps (yet).

  • Why is this a beta release?

    • Daily Practice Quizzes are a brand new Osmosis feature—and you're one of the first learners to give them a try! We're still perfecting them, which means your thoughts are super valuable. Please let us know what you think so we can make sure you love your new quizzes!

  • Where can I see my quiz results and what I got wrong?

    • Results are displayed at the end of each quiz, but there are no historical analytics for the quizzes. Questions that were answered incorrectly may be asked again in future quizzes.

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