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We’ve updated a NEW PANCE quiz builder with new questions scoped and aligned to the PANCE blueprint.

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What is in the PANCE Quiz Builder?

The PANCE assesses a PA student’s “knowledge in the diseases and disorders physician assistants encounter and their knowledge and skills related to tasks physician assistants perform when treating patients.”

PANCE includes MCQ board-style case questions with descriptive rationales for each question & major and minor takeaways to help you understand how to get to the right answer! Rationales also include hyperlinks leading to related videos for building your knowledge.

With the new updates on the PANCE Quiz Builder, now you can:

  • See that categories and questions are more closely aligned with our video library than ever before.

  • Customize the quiz builder by topics, question mode, and number of questions.

  • Filter by Question mode: Unused, Incorrect, and All.

    • Incorrect: This is a quick way for you to also see which categories have questions you’ve answered incorrectly that you might want to focus your studies on.

  • Receive a time estimate for each quiz

  • Explore on the Mobile web

The PANCE Quiz Builder Filters:

  • The filters for the Osmosis PANCE Q-bank and quiz builder have been modeled after the PANCE blueprint as published by the NCCPA in 2019.

  • Top Level Filters are now set to better categorize the questions:

    • Medical Content Categories: a systems-based organization of the content.

  • Task Categories organize the questions based on the clinical skills needed to treat patients.

  • The PANCE question bank will have 800+ assessment items that are derived from our recently written USMLE Step1 Pathology Review questions. As we complete USMLE Step Questions we will continue reviewing, editing, and tagging them for the PANCE exam.


What are Questions?

  • Visit this link to know more about Questions:

How do I access my Quiz Builder?

Can I save the set of questions I selected when building my quiz?

  • Yes. Just select the topics you would like to be included in your set and before starting the quiz, click the "Save to Queue" button.

What’s next for the PA Quiz Builder?

  • In Q1 2022 we will finish Step-style Pathology Review and Anatomy Clinical Correlates questions and we will also finish a number of Step-style Pharmacology questions—all of which can be considered and converted for use in our PANCE Question Bank and Quiz builder. This work will continue throughout the rest of the year and beyond as we finish USMLE Step 1 questions and begin writing USMLE Step 2 questions.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact [email protected].

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