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USMLE Step 1/COMLEX Level 1 and USMLE Step 2/COMLEX Level 2 quiz builder
USMLE Step 1/COMLEX Level 1 and USMLE Step 2/COMLEX Level 2 quiz builder

We’ve updated two NEW quiz builders with updates to questions and the interface!

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What is in the Quiz Builder?

MCQ board-style case questions with descriptive rationales for each question with major and minor takeaways to help you understand how to get to the right answer. Also hyperlinks in rationales leading to related videos for building your knowledge.

With the new updates on the USMLE Step 1/COMLEX Level 1 and USMLE Step 2/COMLEX Level 2 Quiz Builder, now you can:

  • Customize your quiz builder by topics, question mode, and number of questions.

  • Receive a time estimate for each quiz

  • Filter by Question mode: Unused, Incorrect, and All.

    • Incorrect: This is a quick way for you to also see which categories have questions you’ve answered incorrectly that you might want to focus your studies on.

  • Visit the quiz builder on the Mobile web

  • See that the Categories and Questions are more closely aligned with our video library than ever before.

What’s new in the USMLE Step 1/COMLEX Level 1 Quiz Builder

  • We’ve added over 2,000+ questions to the quiz builder, with 290 new questions on OMM content (DO only).

  • List the DO Filters

    • Just like the Step 1 quiz builder; however, Foundational Sciences has an additional OMM section, organized anatomically.

TIP: How would students or faculty use Filters filters?

  • During your OMM class you can focus specifically on the Foundational Sciences > OMM questions!

More about: USMLE Step 2/COMLEX Level 2

  • Currently no Level 2 OMM-specific questions are in our qbank, but stay tuned!

  • We are exploring additional ways to integrate OMM content into our developing clinical curriculum to more closely simulate the Level 2 exam.


What are Questions?

  • Visit this link to know more about Questions:

How can I switch from the COMLEX Step 1 to the Step 2 quiz builder?

  • Feel free to navigate from one builder to the other by clicking the drop down button at the top of the page. It should then show both COMLEX Step 1 and COMLEX Step 2 Quiz Builders.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact [email protected].

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