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Introduction to the Osmosis MD Mobile App
Introduction to the Osmosis MD Mobile App

The Osmosis mobile app is available for both iOS and Android.

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The mobile app allows you to quiz on your practice items, and view our video library quickly and easily on your device.

Key Mobile app Features:

  • A new design

  • Better online and offline viewing of our full video library

  • View available High Yield Notes

  • Create and manage your video playlist right within your mobile device

  • Easily access and quiz from your Flashcard and Question Queues

  • Easily Search / Explore videos by topics

  • Switch to Light / Dark mode for a more comfortable study experience

  • Set push Notifications to flatten your forgetting curve

Mobile Dashboard

Access your recently watched videos and question/flashcard queues easily via the mobile dashboard. It will also show the Daily Practice Questions, to make sure you won’t forget to achieve your streak!

This is the first page you’ll see upon opening the mobile app.

Access the library

Click the search button at the bottom menu and it will show the list of main subjects available for you to study. These are the same as the subjects as seen in the web library.

If you’re looking for a specific topic or a video, you can use the search bar up top and suggested content will show once you type in the key words:

Answering Flashcards and Questions

Using the Osmosis mobile app is an easy way to quiz yourself regularly, which is the best way to improve your retention, and your study habits. If available, Flashcards and/or Questions can be found under the topic’s videos.

From here you can answer either the Flashcards or Questions



Once Flashcards, Questions and Spaced Repetition Queues are saved in your web account, you’ll see them in your mobile app, synced and ready to go!



NEW! Access the High Yield Notes

Now, you can view a topic’s high yield notes (if available).

You can do so by clicking on the Notes section below the video, under the Resources:

Create and access video playlists

You can now access your web-created playlists in your mobile app as well as curate a new one!

Access the playlists you have created and followed by going to Saved and then the Playlist section up top

To create a new playlist using the mobile app, just click Create Playlist and set its name and description. You can now then go to a video you’d like to add, click the “Add to Playlist” button below the video, and select which playlist you’d like to add it to.


Can I download videos and high yield notes?

  • Yes, you can download quizzes, videos and notes for offline viewing on the mobile app. Read more here.

What is the maximum number of videos that I can download for offline viewing?

  • You can download a maximum of 100 videos, which you can watch in the mobile app even when you’re offline.

What question types are supported?

  • MCQ board-style case questions to help you understand how to get to the right answer!

What if there is an important feature I’d like you to consider?

If you have questions, please feel free to contact [email protected].

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