All Osmosis videos are copyrighted with all rights reserved and cannot be used without explicit permission from Osmosis. Let us know if you'd like to use our content by reaching out to us.

For any video that was published under CC-BY-SA between December 01, 2015, and May 7, 2018 we require that you retain the front (first 2 seconds of the video) and back bumper (the last 30 seconds of the video). These bumpers have to be included in our videos, as they provide attribution to not only us, but also the authors of the Creative Commons material we used in our videos. If you want to modify our content, our Creative Commons license requires you to indicate that your content is a derivative of our content. If you want to take a screen capture from one of these videos, you must include an unobstructed watermark saying "" in a corner of your choice within the image. This watermark must have 100% opacity, and be no smaller than a font size of 30 pt on an image resolution of 1000 x 1000 pixels. Images of different resolutions must maintain the proportion of image to watermark.

You can also embed our YouTube videos on your site using the YouTube player. Learn more about that here.

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