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Osmosis Suite: Clinical Sciences and Basic Sciences
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Exciting news! We are rapidly growing our content library to include Clinical Sciences topics, which focus on the clinical diagnosis and management of patients!

What is the Osmosis Suite

The Osmosis Suite combines our popular Basic Sciences videos, notes, assessment items, and study tools you’ve come to love with our new Clinical Sciences library.

If you have a paid Osmosis subscription as of September 7, 2023, your account will automatically transition to the Osmosis Suite gaining you access to the new and growing Clinical Sciences library at no additional cost.

Osmosis Suite includes both Basic Sciences and Clinical Sciences videos and content.

The new Clinical Sciences content is based on the latest evidence-based clinical guidelines, yet expertly designed and scoped for the first-time clinical learner. This content includes:

  • Brand-new videos that guide learners through clinical decision-making

  • Easy-to-follow Decision-Making Trees for patient diagnosis and management

  • New linked board-style questions to help students prepare for rotations, exams, and boards.

Learn more about the different Packages here.

Once I have purchased, can I change packages?

You have the option to switch packages. If you’re not ready to access the full library, visit your Account page and switch to the Osmosis Basic Sciences or Osmosis Clinical Sciences package. Learn more about our plans here.

How much does it cost? As a thank you to existing paid members (with active accounts on September 7th, 2023), your account will automatically transition to the Osmosis Suite, gaining you access to the new Clinical Sciences library at no additional cost.

If you’re a new customer, please visit the Osmosis plans page to see which product suits you best.

What’s new?

New Clinical Sciences content: We’ve been adding more content and videos into the library - with over 100 Internal Medicine and Surgery videos as of this summer and hundreds more coming this fall. Each video is paired with a clinical decision-making tree for easy review and linked board-style assessments.

Why this new video series?

This content series is better organized, concise, robust, and based on the latest evidence-based clinical guidelines. Videos are under 12 minutes long. Decision-Making Trees provide a fast reference to help you learn how to think clinically. Our expert team of clinicians, medical educators, and content creators have worked to teach you how to think about “what’s next” in the clinical decision-making process.

If I see "To be retired" with a video, what does that mean?

Some of our older clinical videos are listed as “To Be Retired” and have been recategorized, adding “(To be retired)” to each video title. These videos will gradually be removed and replaced by new videos from our Clinical Sciences series.

Don’t worry! We’ll make sure to redirect you to the new proper video before removing the old video, and videos will not be retired before the end of 2023.

How has the topic navigation been updated?

We reorganized our library navigation to better align to standard curricula so it’s easier to fit Osmosis into your studying. So, you may notice a navigation topic is gone (due to reorganization), but no videos have been removed. Topics are moved to appropriate places within internal medicine, surgery, etc. For example, the library organization for the MD product now looks like the picture below:

How soon will other Clinical Sciences topics be ready?

We’ll continue to add to our Clinical Sciences collection with OBGYN and Pediatrics in Spring 2024 and have the complete set with Psychiatry, Neurology, Family Medicine, and Emergency Medicine complete by Fall 2024.

Is this available on mobile?

Yes! All of the content is on our mobile apps. Our mobile apps even allow for downloads of the Decision-Making Trees for offline use.

Visit our blog to learn more about the Clinical Sciences Library.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact [email protected]

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