To see everything you've saved to your Flashcard and Question Queues select 'See All' in the Saved Flashcard Icon:

You'll get to this page, where you can see your Saved Flashcards and Saved Questions -- ie all your practice items.

  • Up to 30 Items are listed on a page
  • You can select a specific page of items or 'Show All'
  • You can select your Flashcard Queue or your Question Queue

  • Items listed here that you've consumed one or more times have been added to Spaced Repetition, and will reappear your Daily Spaced Repetition Quiz according the Osmosis Algorithm and/or your custom repeat settings
  • To remove Flashcards from your Queue and Spaced Rep, if applicable, select the 'stop' icon next to each.
  • To remove Questions from your Queue, select the 'stop' icon next to each question. 


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