What happens once my Prime access is over? Will I continue having access to my material?

YES! Any documents, notes, flashcards, questions, or other resources that you upload or create will always be accessible to you. You can also download your material directly.

What won't you have access to? 

The Osmosis library of thousands of videos, flashcards, questions, and references to other resources. You won't see hyperlinks to these high-yield materials. You won't be able to access the mobile app. 

Exclusive Osmosis videos & associated material (Cardiovascular Pathology Ebook)

Detailed exam study scheduling tool (e.g. Step 1, shelf exams)

27,000+ multiple choice questions & flashcards with intelligent spaced repetition

3,000+ curated concept cards with videos, memory anchors, and reference articles

Advanced curriculum analysis & search engine

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