What resources are included in Osmosis Prime Membership?

  1. Hundreds of  Videos on high-yield Physiology and Pathology concepts only available on Osmosis.
  2. 13,000+ Pre-Clinical Flashcards, adapted from the Brosencephalon Anki Deck
  3. 2,500+ Pre-Clinical Practice Questions, for Step 1
  4. 7,500+ Clinical Case Questions, for Shelf Exams, and Step 2
  5. All the documents, flashcards, and questions that you create or that are shared within a workspace

What tools are included?

  1. Automated Step 1 Study Schedule 
  2. Automated Rotations Study Schedule
  3. Spaced Repetition
  4. Document note-taking, highlighting, and annotation
  5. Flashcard and Question editors and authoring tools
  6. Collaboration tools
  7. Performance tracking and analytics
  8. Integrated Mobile App
  9. Automated Concept and Quiz Recommendations 
  10. Novel quiz building tools

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