You can change your own USMLE exam date. 

After changing the date, you will have to manually edit your timeline to add or remove days to subjects. 

*Note: If you have not made significant progress, we suggest you finish your current block and click "create new" and start a new schedule (you will lose any progress you've made). See this tutorial.

Taking your exam later

On the one hand, if you push the exam date down by a month you'll have 30 additional unscheduled days. You can choose to add those now or later. It doesn’t matter but it’s probably better to do it sooner so you don’t forget and work at a high pace only to realize the last 30 days of the schedule are empty. 

Taking your exam sooner

On the other hand, if you move the exam date up by a month you'll have -30 unscheduled days. This needs to be dealt with more immediately because you won’t be able to make any edits to your timeline when there’s a negative number there. Basically, you'll just have to remove 30 days cumulatively across their subjects.

1. To edit change your exam date, click on the exam date text. 

2. It will walk you through where to go to re-manage the topics in your schedule, by clicking "edit".  It is a matter of redistributing days. 

Finally, if you have not made significant progress in your schedule, we suggest you simply click "create new" to make a new schedule (you will lose any checkmarks that have been checked to show your progress). 

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