We created a new, easy-to-use Osmosis Study Schedule to help you study more effectively. The new Study Schedule can help you prepare for any exam, including Step 1. 

With the new Osmosis Study Schedule, you can:

✔ Feel better prepared: Zoom in and out to see daily, weekly, and monthly views of your schedule

✔ Stay organized: Build separate Study Schedules for your classes and exams

✔ Plan ahead: Keep track of class exam dates by adding them to your Schedule

✔ Better manage your studying: Your Study Schedule now closely aligns with your most essential resources, including First Aid (2018), Pathoma, UWorld, SketchyMedical, and Picmonic

In this article, learn more about:

  • Turning on your new Study Schedule
  • Creating multiple study schedules
  • Editing and customizing your schedule and resources
  • Using videos, flashcards, and case questions

Where is the new Study  Schedule?

Add tools > Study Schedule toggle

To create your new Study Schedule, go to Add Tools and turn on the Study Schedule toggle.

The icon will appear in your blue navigation on the left, and from there you can start creating your schedule. 

Calendar Views

You’ll now find the calendar views (new feature) in a new navigation bar on the upper right-hand corner of the Study Schedule.

Multiple Study Schedules

You’ll find multiple study schedules (new feature) in the navigation on the left-hand side. You can toggle which schedule you’re looking at by clicking on the schedule. Schedules are based on topic and resources. You can have two schedules within the same time frame but focused on different topics. For example, you can review basic sciences while studying organ system pathology. The study schedules are named for the type of studying you’ll be doing. “Dedicated” refers to a 4-6 week time period studying several topics, all day, in preparation for USMLE Step 1. 

Note: We haven’t removed any resources or features available to you, so you’ll still have access to all of the features and resources you had before.

Within the settings panel located in the upper left hand corner you can easily navigate between your different schedules, and settings within a schedule. 

Edit Your Schedule

It’s easy to access your courses and topic settings in the panel. Change the length of study time per course by selecting “edit,” and add new topics by selecting the next topic in your schedule and clicking “Add topic.” 



You can now use different resources in each of your schedules (new feature). Just click “Resources” and select the resources you’d like to use for each schedule. 

Days Off

You can also incorporate days off into your Study Schedule to help you retain what you’re learning. Use these days to catch up, get ahead, or just take the day off! We’ll automatically recalculate your schedule so you don’t fall behind. 

Practice Exams

You can also include practice exam dates in your Study Schedule.  As with days off, we’ll recalculate your Schedule so you won’t miss any educational content. 

Schedule view

After completing study activities, you can quickly find items that are completed, saved for later, or not completed in the navigation on the left. 

When in the week or month calendar view, you can click on the day you want to drill into and see the detailed “To do” list view. 

Videos in the schedule

In the To Do view, clicking the “Watch Videos” button will expand a drawer of videos. You cou can watch your scheduled videos right from this view.

Flashcards and Case Questions in the Schedule

You can now select which Case Questions or Flashcards you want to quiz on by clicking “Build Quiz,” then choosing between New, All, Incorrect, or Not answered today, right from the scheduler. When you’ve finished your quiz, you’ll be returned to the schedule.

Alternatively, you can “Save to Queue”. Once these are saved in your Queue, you can easily access a mix of Case Questions easily from your mobile app to use in offline mode. 

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