• Whenever possible, try to upload your document the night before your lecture (or at some other earlier, non-peak time) because this will reduce the strain on the Osmosis document server and increase the chances that your document will upload successfully. 

If you encounter a problem, please follow these steps to trouble-shoot the document that you are trying to upload. 

  1. Check to see if there is a problem with your document by opening the document on your computer. 
  2. If it opens without any error messages, try uploading it again. (The previous uploaded document may have gotten stuck on the document server.)
  3. If it opens with any error messages, convert it to a pdf and try uploading it again. 
  4. If none of this works and your document still isn't uploading, please contact us directly in the Intercom Help Center in the lower right of your screen and we will help you ASAP. 

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