Here’s how to sync your Google calendar with the calendar feature in Osmosis.

First, go to Google calendar.

Click “Other calendars” , then Add by URL and paste in your link. If you’re uploading a calendar (.ics) file, select the file provided by your school and upload it by clicking “Import calendar.” 

If you’re successful, you’ll see the calendar is now populated with events, and you’ll have a notification at the top of your screen. Congrats! The hard part’s over. Now we want to get the calendar from here into Osmosis. Open a new tab and head to

Navigate to your team or private workspace (either is fine) via the toolbar on the left. If you haven’t set up a workspace yet, go ahead and create one now under the “Add Tools” button. 

When you enter your workspace, there’s a calendar on the right. Above that calendar you’ll see a smaller calendar icon (“Edit Calendar”). 

Click this, and a pop-up will appear:

When you click Authenticate with Google calendar the first time, the pop-up will close, and it will seem like nothing’s happened. Don’t worry! This step was just to authenticate your Google account so Google and Osmosis can communicate. 

Click the small calendar icon again. Now you’ll see there’s a different pop-up.

Go to “Select a calendar” and select the one you created in Google Calendar. Osmosis will create new events to match up with your Google calendar. If everything looks good in the preview, click “Import All”. 

Voila! You’ve uploaded your calendar to Osmosis. 

If you’re still having trouble uploading your course schedule to Osmosis, get in touch via the blue chat button and we’ll help you through the process. 

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