If you have admin rights within a workspace, you can add/edit/delete folders and documents, according to these rules:


  • You can see your admin rights by selecting the Gear Icon within the members tab of your workspace:

  • Documents with any notes, flashcards, or media attached can't be deleted. This ensures that no one's content gets lost. 
  • Documents without student content (described above) can be removed. 
  • Documents can be moved to different events within a folder. If you don't see you event listed in the drop-menu, load a placeholder document to the date/time in question. 
  • If you need a document moved to a different folder, provide, via Intercom, the name/date/time of the document and the folder to which it should be moved. 


Admins can:

  • rename folders
  • move start dates forward in time and move exam dates backwards in time. These dates can't be moved in the other directions because course documents would be made inaccessible. 
  • delete folders if no notes, annotations, or flashcards have been loaded to documents in that folder. 
  • repurpose and reuse folders
  • If you can't delete a folder but want it deleted, give us the name of the folder in intercom. Check with classmates that all the contained documents, notes, and student-created flashcards can be deleted. 

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