The Osmosis team can help you copy flashcards and questions created by students and faculty

  • Students and schools can use this functionality to build and share question libraries that are integrated with a school curriculum and the Osmosis Library. 

  • To copy questions from workspace folders, the Osmosis team needs the source URL and the destination Folder or Flashcard Deck URL for every set of flashcards or questions that should be copied.

  • You can access the the folder URL by selecting the blue oval for Flashcards or Questions within Course Folders in your Workspace

  • To get the URL for Custom Flashcard Decks, select Browse Cards for any Deck

Make a copy of the Question Copying Template

  • Paste the URLs into your copy 

  • You can specify individual authors optionally. If none are specified, Osmosis will copy all Public flashcards and questions.

  • Send your completed copy to support[at] 

  • Once someone from the Osmosis CX Team has copied the items, you can then access the questions via Folder Quiz. See instructions here

If you have questions, please feel free to contact [email protected].

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