Workspace Setup

Students, faculty, and administrators are organized within Team Workspaces, which can host all the course materials from your  curriculum.

  • Join your school's Team Workspace using the 'Add Tools' menu in the lower left of the Osmosis Dashboard. 

  • With your Team Workspace, lecture slides (also called Documents) are organized within Course Folders, which correspond to the modules, blocks, sequences, or courses at your school. 

  • Folders can be added by Osmosis or the Workspace Admin(s) at your school and can be created from the Course Folder tab.

  • Lecture slides and folders can be added by any member of the workspace that has admin privileges within the Team Workspace. 

  • Folders require names, start and end dates, and optional descriptive information.


  • Folders can be added ahead of time or as the school year progresses:

Manage Folders and Documents

Workspace Basics

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