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FAQ's for faculty, staff, and administrators
FAQ's for faculty, staff, and administrators
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Will this add to my workload?

No! Osmosis was designed by medical students and faculty who recognize how busy faculty are with curriculum, research, and clinical duties. Osmosis automates a lot of work and has a curated library of content for you. Thus, if you'd like to engage further with the platform to, for example, incorporate patient videos into your didactic sessions then Osmosis makes it easy to do so. However, you do not need to do anything more for your students to benefit from Osmosis. 

Are my curricular material kept private?

Yes, when they're uploaded to Osmosis these documents live in a private group that is only accessible to your students/faculty. It is similar to having curricular material on a learning management system.

Does this prioritize board exam prep over our curriculum?

No, Osmosis is the only platform that displays your curriculum at the forefront and then automatically layers on both board-prep questions/flashcards and clinically relevant patient videos and anecdotes. Students enjoy using it because it helps them engage both with the curriculum and prepare for the high-stakes exams. Osmosis is not a test-prep platform for medical students, it is a lifelong learning tool for future clinicians. 

Is Osmosis evidence-based?

The Osmosis team is committed to evidence-based education and has integrated social learning, testing effect, spaced repetition, crowd-sourcing, and many other techniques into the Osmosis content and platform. Here are four peer-reviewed papers that the Osmosis team published over the last two years:

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