In this article you will learn how to:

• Create playlists
• Save videos to watch later
• Edit and manage your playlists
• Share your playlists
• Follow a playlist

How to use Osmosis playlists 

  • Your playlist home page, is here:
  • Find a video and click the playlist icon to "add" the video to a playlist. This icon appears next to a video title in the search results, on the video page, in the Osmosis library, and on dashboard thumbnails

  • Select “watch later” playlist, or create your own

  • Edit and manage your playlist 
  • Rename, reorder (drag and drop), or delete. 
  • Create new playlists
  • Navigate between different playlists
  • Note: you cannot rename the "watch later" playlist (only). 
  • If you want to watch related videos, scroll down to see related videos in our library

Better match your curriculum to meet your learning needs by creating a playlist exactly how you want, then share it with your classmates to show them how relevant Osmosis really is to your curriculum. Playlists are one of our most requested features, students wanted a way to review videos later, or to run through a series of videos that best match their curriculum. We are so excited to share this feature with you!

Follow a Playlist

When someone shares a link to a playlist they've created, you can now follow it. Just click on the Follow button, and it will be listed in your menu to the left: 

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