Our rapidly scaling medical education technology company is seeking leading health educators to join us and serve as members of our Raise The Line Advisory Board. The stresses placed on our healthcare system amid the COVID-19 pandemic require flexible, rapid responses within health education. As an industry-leading health educator, join institutions such as NYU, AT Still, UC Irvine, the University of Illinois, and the National Organization for Rare Disorders, and partner with Osmosis to lead that response. 

Our team understands that you can be part of the solution, even when you’re not on the frontlines. Help shape our response to this crisis

About Osmosis

Our mission is to “Empower the world’s clinicians & caregivers with the best learning experience possible.” To this end, we have an audience of millions of current & future clinicians as well as patients and family members. Members of the Osmosis learning platform and video library to learn efficiently and excel in classes, board exams, and in the clinic.

We are a distributed team of creative, approachable, and motivated entrepreneurs, researchers, artists, educators, writers, and clinicians who are passionate about improving healthcare and education. At Osmosis, we collaborate remotely and value highly-motivated problem solvers who manage their time efficiently, communicate earnestly, work effectively, and understand the importance of life-work balance.  We do everything we can to make sure our teammates are successful personally and professionally.

About the Role

As a founding member of our Raise the Line Advisory Board, you will work closely with our content and review teams to guide the development of an accredited training course for certified nursing assistants. You will help build a strong, comprehensive didactic learning program for prospective CNAs—readying them for both acute COVID-19 care and future careers as frontline healthcare workers.

Key Responsibilities 

The responsibilities for this role include, but are not limited to: 

  • Scaling your impact as a health educator by sharing your specialized expertise to help build a large network of frontline healthcare professionals

  • Develop a framework to assist RN instructors within a distributed classroom model through the analysis of lesson plans, instructor training, and teaching strategies

  • Facilitate the review and revision of scripts, notes, and assessments related to the CNA program

  • Built and lead review and instruction projects associated with our CNA course development and maturation

  • Offer guidance and feedback to the Osmosis content and marketing team about this initiative 

This position is a contracted remote position.


  • RN, BSN or MSN, legally qualified to teach CNA course material in the United States

  • Minimum two years nursing experience as a registered nurse

  • Experience teaching nurse aides

  • High level of familiarity with federal and state CNA program instruction regulations

  • Experience teaching CNA course material

Preferred attributes

  • Adaptable. You are flexible and versatile with projects, goals, and strategies. You move quickly with change and stay open-minded.

  • Proactive. You seek out new ways to help and problem-solve with your team members. You don’t wait for someone else to pick up the slack.

  • Entrepreneurial. You are a proven executor and work diligently to produce excellent results with limited time and resources.

  • Lifelong learner. You consume content (podcasts, blogs, books, etc) that is relevant to your craft, our company, and our customers and you apply these learnings in your work to make sure you are as effective as possible. 

  • Mission and Vision Aligned. A passion for Osmosis’s mission, vision, and values. 

Must be authorized to work in the US.

To apply, please submit the following to [email protected]

  • Resume

  • Proof of State Nursing Licensure Certification

  • Project: How would you suggest organizing and scaling a CNA training course for multiple US States (e.g. NY, WA, CA). (300 words or less)

  • (Optional) Submission of an Osmosis "Spread Joy" e-card.  At Osmosis we are working to develop the most caring people, and to this end have created the www.osmosis.org/spreadjoy tool for you to show care and spread joy. Please visit this page, create an Osmosis account, and send an e-card to someone and let us know what you thought of the experience. (200 words or less)

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

One of our values is to “Open Your Arms”. In line with this, if you have any specific needs that may require a different method for application submission, please reach out to us at [email protected].

Osmosis is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, protected veteran status or other status protected by law.

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