Osmosis has 2,500+ USMLE Step 1 practice questions and an additional 7,500+ USMLE Step 2 practice questions available for our students. 

  • These questions were all created in-house by a team of thoroughly vetted and trained question writers using the official NBME question writing style guide.

  • Each question is carefully crafted to match the style, scope, and difficulty of the actual exam and is rigorously reviewed and evaluated by a subject matter expert. 

  • Special emphasis is placed on offering distractors that address common areas of difficulty and misunderstanding among students, and crafting rich explanations that offer valuable formative learning opportunities. 

  • The Osmosis questions offer complete coverage of all of the concepts that are tested on the USMLE, as well as a breakdown that mirrors the frequency of question content that comes up on the USMLE. 

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