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How to Access Analytics for Playlist and Student Performance Data

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The Osmosis faculty analytics dashboard is a powerful tool to visualize what videos your learners are watching and how they are performing on related assessment items. Let’s look at how to access analytics, starting at the Osmosis home page from login.

Step 1: Navigate to the Analytics Page. From the Home Page, you may select the triple-line stack menu on the upper left and select Analytics

Step 2: Select a Cohort. Select the cohort you wish to view data about. If you have multiple cohorts in your program you can select the group you want to view, or search using the “search for cohort” field. Here, we’ve selected Osmosis Friends and Family Cohort.

Step 3: Choose Which Data you Want to View.

Overview Data: This shows summary usage data for your cohort for a specified date range. See information about active users by day, week, month, or quarter; videos watched to 80% or greater; questions answered; and flashcards* answered.

*This only applies to Osmosis products with flashcards and is not available for Osmosis nursing.

Members: Shows cohort member names and email addresses (unless your program has requested no personal data be captured), the total number of Osmosis sessions, latest login date, and streak (number of consecutive days using Osmosis).

Student Reports: The information on this tab allows you to visualize student completion of Osmosis playlists and run ad hoc reports on cohort completion of videos based on the Osmosis library view.

Step 4: How to View Data on Playlist Completion. To see playlist completion including video views along with confidence and accuracy on related assessment items,

(Step 4A) select “playlist” from the blue box and choose which playlist you want to view data about. Note that you must have created or followed a playlist for this to show data.

(Step 4B) Cohort-level information appears in the top boxes.

(Step 4C) Osmosis learn page/video topics information appears below, with tabs for video completion, question confidence and accuracy, and flashcard confidence and accuracy by student.

Videos and Notes Data:

Questions Data:

Flashcards Data:

(Step 4D) Click the progress bar to see how a specific learner answered individual items.

(Step 4E) Export data into a csv file if desired.

Step 5: How to View Data on Unassigned Non-playlist Videos (Ad Hoc Reporting). (Step 5A)Select “library” from the dropdown menu in the blue box and choose which main topic you’d like to view student data on.

(Step 5B) You can further drill down into subtopics by using the dropdown arrow. Student data will display in this view as it does for playlists.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact [email protected].

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